Hotfix (v0.2.2.1-alpha)


-Arrows now have a much longer lifetime so they aren’t disappearing randomly.

-Attack effects are now properly removed from the player and NPCs after the player dies and respawns in adventure mode.

-Attempted fix on NPCs being able to walk off edges when the player is mid-dashing and the edge collider is disabled for the player.

-Dashing when inside the water no longer instantly kills the player when being over a hole, now the player can jump over a single square when leaving the water.

- Destuctables are properly saved when being destroyed within 2 seconds of exiting game now.

-Destructables no longer disappear when the camera is panning between rooms.

- Door no longer despawns halfway through 2nd boss fight.

- Items now correctly are shown in hotbar after loading a save without having to switch things around to fix it.

- Projectiles properly despawn when the player respawns now.

- Starting a new game in the WebGL build no longer allows you to use items you previously had from the last game.  

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Version 4 Jul 03, 2023

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