Public Alpha Release II (v0.2.2-alpha)

The first level of Dungeons of Havoc has been released and is now playable for free on your browser by visiting:


-Arrows can be parried now.

-Attack/Special direction is now based on cursor position if using the mouse to attack.

-Checkpoints now can be hit forever instead of just once, and on both respawn and loading a saved game the player will always be put at the last touched checkpoint.

-Jumping direction is now always snapped to a 45 degree angle, its too easy to jump into a pit by accident with a controller otherwise.

-Loot drops have been lowered for gold and raised for everything else that easily caps out like potions and arrows.


-Cursor overlay.

-Finished the first area.

-Final boss for first area.

-More sound effects.

-One new regular enemy.

-One new useable special item.

-Rest of first stage including a second boss encounter.

-Sliding trap.

-Saving/Loading your adventure with persistent inventory, destructables, checkpoints, locked doors and boss encounters. Either using a file system or for WebGL using a PlayerPrefs-only work-around.

-NPC Spawn pool event.

-Toxic water

-Travelling between areas now works and maintains the state of each area, besides the regular enemies which always respawn since its a souls-like game.


-A number of issues causing AI to become stuck or get errors.

-AI general pathing behaviour to be much less likely to get stuck.

-Attack overlays not being disabled after the player or a monster using the attack dies.

-Blocking animation now works properly.

-Dashing over liquid to work properly.

-Inventory menu opening and other general UI issues.

-Liquid system now works correctly for all directions.

-Respawning on death to properly reset the boss encounter.

-Restarting the game now properly resets UI.

-Settings to be properly loaded when restarting scene.

-Some issues with the boss encounter.

-Stacking active effects to work properly for multiple slow effects at the same time.

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Version 3 Jul 03, 2023

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